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Boating is time consuming and we expect to continually work on, improve and repair our 'pride and joy'. However, with the best will in the world some find that, for a variety of reasons, they are unable to maintain, restore, repair or complete their boat. There are others that want to 'go bigger' at reasonable cost or just dream of working on their own project boat. All that work inevitably requires materials and, often, specialist assistance.

Project Boats U.K. strives to meet the needs of all groups by helping owners without the time or resources to unite the enthusiast with the project they always wanted and provide them with the necessary information to get the help and resources they need, an arrangement that will inevitably be beneficial to all .

At Project Boats U.K. we specialise in boats that 'need work' so we understand your project needs. Here you can list your boat for sale (or submit a full page advert), ask us to find a boat for you, or search our pages for the help and materials you need.

Sales & Wanted Pages: Boats sales and wanted listings are free for 30 days and, from £10 a full page photo ad can 'showcase' your project. We can even handle all initial enquiries for you!

Information Database: We have created a regional database of local expertise, useful & essential facilities, marine and allied services and materials/equipment suppliers.

The Magazine: We appreciate that owners put in considerable time and money in their effort to restore their project - so why not tell the world about it. Send us a write up about your project and experiences, with photos, and we will give you up to a page in our on-line magazine. If you offer hints/tips so much the better.

The Future: You tell us what you want from the site and we will try to match it, where possible.

We offer a unique service to the project boat seller, buyer and restorer. For more information please 'E-mail or call us'.

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